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The marketing agency that works as hard as a cofounder.

We work with entrepreneurs, incubators and investors to fix marketing for the most ambitious companies the world deserves to have.

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In 2023, we 3x the traffic and 2x the leads for our clients

The 3 sticky challenges on every growth company's table

Growing a company isn't a piece of cake. Do you have the right utensils to whip out the perfect market-fit?

Aligning the team behind the company's project

Closing more sales quickly

Building a system for lead generation

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Season your marketing perfectly

Companies who recognise and invest in marketing early see greater and faster returns. Don't settle for half-baked marketing if you want to achieve great results.


Annual growth

Businesses that prioritise branding enjoy 3x greater annual revenue growth.


Trust boost

78% of users judge a company's credibility based on its design.


Profits increase

Brand consistency across all channels can boost profits up to 23%.

To see this kind of results

You don't need an agency. You need a brigade committed to grow your business.

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what we put on the table

A fullservice marketing brigade

When so much is at stake, prepare a well-seasoned success with all the right growth marketing ingredients. That's why we offer genuine full-service solutions.


Your website is your window to the world, there are first impressions not to miss. We build pixel-perfect experiences that converts more than prospects.

Web development
Landing pages
Technical SEO


Our designers collaborate on art direction, UI/UX design, prototyping, and post-launch strategy to achieve consistent and strong branding.

Web design
Graphic design
Brand identity
Pitch deck
UX design
Social media


From technical to on-page SEO to content planning, we ensure your content matches your strategy to increase your leads coming through your website.

Content strategy
Technical SEO
Thomas, strategy lead
Mun, branding lead
Syaz, project lead
Thomas, strategy lead
Mun, branding lead
Syaz, project lead
Paige, storytelling lead
Denis, performance lead
Thuy, design lead
Paige, storytelling lead
Denis, performance lead
Thuy, design lead
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A seamless collaboration

We seamlessly integrate into your business as an on-demand team, helping you enhance growth for your venture capital and ensuring design never blocks your efforts.

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Collaborate openly

We have open communication and raise any challenge that arises.


Iterate fast

We push ideas and work fast to get quick feedback and test our assumptions.


Grow consistently

We deliver growth systems and enable your team to use these tools consistently.

Over the years

We partnered with great entrepreneurs.

We helped doubled the leads for our recent clients and tripled their traffic. We are thrilled to give a helping hand to companies that do good work.

who you're gonna call?

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall. Call Noodle.

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